Publication: The Lasting Impact of Malaria Training

May 8, 2012

I-TECH is pleased to announce a new publication in the Malaria Journal. The article, “Improved clinical and laboratory skills after team-based, malaria case management training of health care professionals in Uganda” is by lead author Allen Namagembe of the Infectious Diseases Institute in Uganda, and includes contributions from co-authors from I-TECH (Marcia Weaver, PhD), Accordia Global Health Foundation, the Uganda Malaria Surveillance Program (UMSP), and the University of California, San Francisco.

Lead author Allen Namagembe

Increasingly, global and local leaders are placing an emphasis on evaluating the meaningful health outcomes of  interventions. This includes training interventions designed to prepare health care workers to respond to the priority issues they encounter every day. In the new article, the authors discuss their evaluation of the effect of a clinical and laboratory skills course, the Integrated Management of Malaria, in Uganda. The course was provided to health care workers at nine health facilities that were Ugandan Ministry of Health malaria sentinel sites: sites where UMSP was conducting surveillance activities.

The results showed that the team-based training program was associated with significant improvements in skills, and that these improvements were lasting: most persisted for a year after the six-day course. As a joint program, the effects of the course can’t be distinguished from UMSP activities, but the evaluation conclusions do lend support to long-term, ongoing capacity building and surveillance interventions.

“One important aspect of this study was the use of a longer, one year follow-up,” said I-TECH’s Marcia Weaver. “I-TECH and other programs are working toward evaluations that examine outcomes over a longer time period, and this study is a good example of that approach.” Weaver also expressed great appreciation for every member of the team. “It was a pleasure to work with this group of dedicated partners,” she said.

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